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The Magicians Playing Cards

This deck of cards was designed to capture the adventure and wonder of the series and meant to showcase my illustration skills and love for package design. Imagine holding a piece of Fillory in your hands, each card a window into the quests of the main characters.


Project Overview

The Solution

Standard decks are the normal, leaving specialty decks in their shadow. This neglects the selling potential of unique card decks, perfect for niche topics and collectors.

The main goal of this project was to create a deck of playing cards that fans of The Magicians can resonate with through their love for the show. The design will create awareness and curiosity, igniting conversations about hidden worlds, and reminding everyone that magic is closer than you think.

The Problem

The Design Process


First I pictured sleek, modern design. But that felt wrong. Hand-drawn cards with some added whimsy, like the maps and scrolls, felt more fitting. This deck aims to whisk you not just to Fillory, but on each character's quests!

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 8.29.57 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 7.33_edited.png


Once I mapped out which cards belonged to which character, I began sketching out the card faces. Each suit belongs to a main character and their whimsical story. The illustrations in a suit depict a piece of magic from the show that relates back to the specific character the suit is based on.

Card and Package Design

Each card's face becomes a window into the lives of our favorite Brakebills students. They are meant to tell a story of the meaningful and magical experiences in the life of each character. The box is a portal that takes you to Fillory, starting your journey to a new world.

Social Media

Instagram serves as the best platform to use. This allows you to be immersed in the world of each deck and see the cards up close. Every photo is a portal into the series and the stories of each character. Instagram offers a space to promote the deck using close-up photos, allowing users to see the quality of the deck. 


What I Learned

During this project, I learned more about the research process for a deck and the different information you need to create a clear and cohesive design. This project helped improve my Photoshop and research skills, crucial skills for achieving the desired aesthetic of the deck. 

The Magicians is a series I've loved from the beginning, and I wanted to create a design that met the specific needs of their audience. This deck should take users on each quest along with the characters.

My Other Work

For a closer look at my branding and web design expertise, explore my portfolio. You'll find a diverse collection of projects and case studies demonstrating how I craft visual stories that resonate and connect brands with their audiences.

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