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Nike Poster Series

Project Overview

This project is meant to encompass the style of branding and photography Nike uses to create a series of posters and billboards. These designs should encourage those who see them to visit the Nike website or a nearby store. Nike uses bold colors and typography to create designs that stand out, and these posters are meant to do that.


The Solution

The standard look for posters doesn't turn heads or grab attention as much as a unique design would. As a company, Nike should have brand and marketing material that reflects their product.

The goal of this project was to stay close to the current style of Nike while also creating something they've never put out before. A design with bold type and bright colors to grab the attention of anyone walking by.

The Problem

The Design Process


Most of my inspiration came from designs where the type, colors, and images were layered in different ways. I wanted to use colors that I had seen in other branding material but treat them in a new way.

Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg


These sketches helped most with deciding on layouts for each poster and billboard. I wanted them to be cohesive but not too repetitive. Sketching the different types of images I was planning on using also helped me better imagine what it would look like at the end.

Poster and Billboard Design

The goal was to create designs that were clearly for Nike but also made those who would see it want to look harder at the details. The main product features of shoes, colors, type, and photography styles are cohesive while the designs themselves are meant to be one of a kind.

What I Learned

While completing this project, I learned more about Nike as a company and being able to create a design based off of branding that already exists and still making something that is unique and stands out. It was important that I made something I felt would grab the attention of people walking by it in-store or outside.

My Other Work

For a closer look at my branding and web design expertise, explore my portfolio. You'll find a diverse collection of projects and case studies demonstrating how I craft visual stories that resonate and connect brands with their audiences.

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